Kamil Szybalski
Product & Growth Leader. 2x Founder.
I'm a passionate and driven technology entrepreneur and product leader. Over the last 9 years I have successfully helped companies, including my own, move from concept to scale. I bring real passion and experience, genuine creativity and a consistent approach.

I passionately care about user experiences, a relentless focus on the customer and sustainable data-driven growth. I believe in experimentation and that there is always a better way to improve a process or solve a problem. I hold that focus means saying no and advocate that roadmaps are evidence of strategy and not lists of features.

"Make every detail perfect and limit the number details to perfect."
Work experience
Sr. Product Manager, Eventbase
Eventbase is the world's most trusted mobile event platform. Eventbase powers the mobile technology for many of the world's biggest brands and events. I'm currently working with the team to build the future of Eventbase and our Enterprise SaaS Offering
Product & Growth Advisor
My main areas of focus include product management and growth. I'm an expert in defining and establishing product/market fit, growth strategy, building sustainable products that users love and scaling them.

VP Growth, Shelfie - Acquired by Rakuten Kobo
As VP Growth, some of my accountabilities included:
- Product vision, strategy and development
- Using data-driven methodology to refocus product growth on user expectations, retention analysis and establish product/market fit
- Establishing and consistently exceeding monthly KPI growth targets
Adweek article.
Founder, Dudepins
I founded Dudepins as a side project in 2012. Dudepins is the Male equivalent of Pinterest with a focus on curating the Men's interests and lifestyle. As Founder, I wore many hats, from accountant and legal to marketing, partnerships and business development.

Some of our most notable accomplishments included: Being featured in over 40 publications around the World, appearing on CBC's Dragons' Den in front of two million people, growing and managing a team of 7, consistently growing mOm, both in terms of e-commerce revenue, users and KPIs, hit 6 figure monthly uniques within 5 months of launch.
Growth, Hootsuite Labs
With origins as a 'startup within a startup', Labs explored emerging digital technologies and engaged with Hootsuite's early adopters and select customers to shape the future of social media and digital marketing.

My core responsibilities included: Ownership of all go-to-market and user acquisition strategies for new products, retention and customer analysis, working with my team to ideate, build, launch and scale three new products, all of which continue to grow.
Founder, Snaggies (Acquired)
Snaggies was a daily deal marketplace I cofounded after finishing University. We provided a cost effective marketing solution for the merchant, while providing a plethora of savings opportunities to the consumer market.

My partner and I managed to scale the business to 6 figure revenues within 8 months of operations. We were successfully acquired by Offeron Media Corp within our first year.
What I'm currently looking for
I'm currently happily employed at Eventbase building the future of our Enterprise SaaS products. We are product focused, passionately care about user experiences, customers and sustainable data-driven growth.
Honors. Philosophy & Political Science, McMaster
I successfully completed a combined major in Political Science and Philosophy. My original intention was to attend Law School at the University of Toronto, fortunately I instead chose to take the technology entrepreneurial route.

Professional skills
Product leadership, Product Growth, B2B, B2C and SaaS Marketing, Owned, Earned and Paid media, Analytics and Data Tool Design, Experimentation, Sales Strategy and Management, Customer Development, Digital, SEO/SEM, User Acquisition and Growth, PPC, Affiliate, Adtech, People and Culture Management, Business Development and Strategy, Social Media, Strategic Partnerships, UI / UX Design and Technology Startups.
Here's some things I've written. There's not many yet but that's going to change.
I grew up in Toronto, Canada. After completing a combined HBA in Philosophy and Political Science at McMaster University, I had intended to attend law school but ultimately chose not to.

Instead, I built a daily deal startup and grew it to six figure revenues within 8 months. I then sold that startup to Offeron Media Inc and moved to Beautiful Vancouver, BC to continue building new products with the team.

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